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Guitar Lessons


Have you decided to learn how to play guitar? Congratulations! Guitar is a wonderful and versatile instrument that you can quite literally play for the rest of your life. The guitar plays a role in all kinds of music: rock, metal, pop, jazz, blues, country, orchestral, pop − you name it!

Learning guitar for beginners can be quite overwhelming due to the sheer amount of information available online. That’s why we’ve written this article – because sometimes the best way to learn guitar is by just sitting down and starting rather than wasting time searching for the best online guitar lessons. 

NO CONTRACTS: All styles, ages and skill levels.


Frank Giarratano has over 20 years experience as a guitar instructor from Private Lessons, Sounds like Music, and Guitar Center. Frank received his Bachelors degree in jazz studies from North Central College and received his Masters in Music from Northern Illinois University under the direction of Fareed Haque.



(curriculums may vary)



Level 1 


Maintenance and Guitar knowledge

(parts, strings, body)

Simple Time- practicing quarter & eighth note rhythms

Learn classic riffs on 6th and 5th strings

Understanding musical forms and theory

(ABA) (I, IV, V)

Open chords with one or two fingers

Understanding tuning and utilizing tuning devices

Play beginner melodies with accompaniment 

Multiple strumming patterns and picking styles

Introducing note name on 6 string (1-12 frets)


Level 2


In the box (small section of the Am pentatonic scale)

Understand in sixteenth note rhythms

Introducing 3 finger open chords

Study different articulations

(staccato, hammers on, pulloffs)

Play more complicated melodies with accompaniment

Learning notes on the 5th string

Intro to powerchords

Quarter and eighth note triples

More advanced strumming patterns


Level 3


Learn the whole Am & Em pentatonic scale

Transcribe an easy solo for ear training

Intro to finger and hybrid picking

Learning how to utilize pedals, amps, and EQ

Further Articulation techniques ( palm muting, bends, trills, pinch harmonics)

Understanding music theory diatonicism 

Introduction to harmony

Intro to triads and inversions ( major & minor) on each 4 sets of strings

Learning all the Pentatonic patterns

Understanding common chord progression ex. (I, V, vi, IV----vi, V, ii,I---- ii, V, I etc…)


Level 4


Intro to solo guitar (balancing between chords and melody or scale)

Introducing common blues rhythmic ornamentation 

Intro to barre chords (Major, Minor, Dominant)

Complete triad inversions (diminished & augmented) on each 4 sets  of strings

Further articulations and techniques (artificial harmonics, double stop bends, and dive bombs

Intro major scale patterns in all 6 keys (one octave on each 4 sets of strings)

How to end songs ( ex. tags)

Transcribe more complicated solo from different genres

Major and minor arpeggios


Level 5


Utilizing upper extensions and intervals

Further articulation exercises

(legato & tremolo & sweeps)

Complete the remaining 6 major scales (one octave on  each 4 sets of strings)

Further recognition of notes on the fretboard

(including notes beyond the 12 fret)

Intro to improvisation by using guide tones

Understanding Modes

7th chord arpeggios

Intro and theory to harmonic and melodic minor scales

Further development on technique and speed


Level 6


Further development of solo guitar

(chord melodies)

Jazz harmony function

Combining major, pentatonic, hybrid scales and, Intro Chord substations

Intro non-diatonicism

Learning whole tone and diminished scales

Understanding songwriting

Further advancement towards improv (ex. rubato  & creating intros)

Perpetual motion

Being able to play the melody and improvise to any song in all 12 keys

***and much more...***

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