It started with a cheap guitar and a love for music. Frank Giarratano, or better known as Frankie Smiles, started strumming chords back in grade school. 


He had no formal instruction at the beginning, letting his passion for the instrument guide him as he taught his hands how to play the guitar. He hit the ground running when he launched himself into the jazz scene studying jazz studies at North Central College and earning his master’s in jazz performance at Northern Illinois University. 


Frankie’s passion for music and his education and experience through college has taken him across a variety of stages at outdoor cafés and restaurants. In his 19-year career, he's started his own cover band, Millennium Falcon, while also taking the stage for his solo act as the Frankie Smiles Project.


His acoustic performances consist of instrumental/inspirational music, folk, classic rock, soft rock, bluegrass, jazz, classical, blues, pop, alternative rock/grunge, rock and roll, new wave and progressive. Throw an electric guitar in Frankie’s hands and he’ll bring out the hard rock and funk too!